Dog friendly B&B West Cork "Our House is your House, Relax & Enjoy"

Information for our Four Legged Guests.
We operate an open house policy for your convenience although the kitchen is out of bounds during operational hours. You are welcome to sleep in your owners rooms and be with your owners in the dining room sitting room, or sunroom.
As a general policy you should not be left unattended in your room .
Please do not come into the house too dirty, we have the “dreaded” hose outside but there are nice doggy towels  available on request for the traditional rub down.
There are approximately 3 acres of grounds to wander in with your owners but due to the other resident animals it is necessary for you to be on the lead. There is a 60 metre enclosed arena for free running (or maybe even learn some agility.) under the supervision of your owners. Poop bags and a bin is available by the exercise arena.
We know some of you like to play with the Sheep and other Livestock and I’m sure that your owners have told you that this is not on! So please ask your owners to put you on the lead when necessary. We can advise your owners of areas that are “normally” dog friendly and away from temptation.
We will assume your owners will bring your own bedding, bowls, and dietry requirements unless we are otherwise advised.
There may at times be other four legged guests & residents, so we do ask for tolerance
We look forwarded to meeting you,
Mike (two legged) age undeclared
Jubes (two legged) age undeclared
Munchkin (14yrs)
Lola (10yrs)
Siskin (3yrs)